Mild Steel Tanks

At Anglo European Services we specialise in the manufacture and fabrication of mild steel tanks and surrounding systems.  Steel tanks are often used within factories and industrial sectors for storage purposes and come in a variety of bespoke sizes and shapes dependent on the use and installation space.

We are able to manufacture any size of tank.  Our custom workshop is specifically designed to create custom mild steel tanks without the risk of product contamination from other materials.

Mild Steel Tanks are particularly useful for the use of storing substances such as liquids or chemicals.  At Anglo European Services we have a particularly strong experience with mild steel tanks including the fabrication and installation processes.

With an owner-based company structure with no outsourcing we are likely to be able to offer the most comprehensive and competitive quotations on mild steel tanks as well as provide a service which we believe to be superior to many.

We have worked on a wide variety of mild steel tank projects for a range of clients across the United Kingdom and pride ourselves on pricing, quality of work and communication.

We can also manufacture lifting frames.  Our lifting tanks are ideal for the removal of old tanks safely.

If you would like to find out more about mild steel tank fabrication services just give our team a call today for a no-obligation discussion.