At Anglo European Services, we are specialists in providing the manufacture and fabrication of vessels.   From stainless steel to carbon or aluminium we have the ability to manufacture any size and shape of vessel precisely to your specification and requirement.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of health and safety.  This is why throughout the manufacture and fabrication processes you will always see our team wearing PPE and following safety protocols.  Not only does it ensure their safety, but also those around too.  We are extremely proud to have a virtually zero per cent accident rate among our workforce.

Anglo European Services are committed to price.  We are able to offer exceptional pricing structures due to our owner-based company structure.  By continuing to keep things in-house it keeps our own production and service costs low, ensuring the savings can be passed on to the customer.

Planning and management of all projects large and small are also kept in-house ensuring that time management is always kept on-time which ensures projects rarely over run and are completed to the very highest quality.

For a free quotation for vessel manufacture or vessel fabrication give our team a call for a free chat today.