Planned Outages

When conducting scheduled maintenance it can sometimes be necessary to conduct a planned outage.  In this case operations can cease within a factory or workplace and work needs to then be completed on-time with no excuses.  At Anglo European Services we have vast experience working with a wide variety of companies to conduct planned outages and perform maintenance within what is sometimes a very short timescale.  At no point would we ever compromise on safety or quality of work and always guarantee the very highest levels of quality and service at all times.

A planned outage is something that is not taken lightly and is only undertaken if absolutely necessary.  If we can work around without conducting a planned outage we will, but do not ever compromise safely for our staff or yours.  Safety is always kept as a number one priority at all times for all persons in and around the zone of work.

For more information about planned outages give our friendly team a call today.  We will be more than happy to discuss how planned outages work in more detail and answer any questions you may have.